Keep your family safe by following these simple but life saving electrical safety measures!

  1. Ensure you have a functional electrical safety switch installed

First up, you need to check if your safety switch is working by pressing the test or ’T’ button at your switchboard. If it doesn’t flick then definitely add this as a high priority on top of everything else! A failure in our home’s circuit breakers could lead us into dangerous territory where we would be left without electricity and unable any longer protect ourselves from potential dangers that may occur during an emergency situation such like fires or natural disasters.

2. Check householdcables, outlets & appliances

Know the signs of a damaged cable, outlet & appliance? If you see any issues with your wiring or electrical devices please have them fixed immediately. Damaged cables can cause electric shock which could result in serious injury- don’t take chances! Call an experienced master electrician when there is something wrong at home so that no one gets hurt.

3. Don’t let electrical appliances overheat

There are many ways to prevent your electrical equipment from overheating. The most important thing you can do is make sure that it has enough space, air flow and proper ventilation when in use so the appliance doesn’t overheat and potentially lead a fire risk or cause damage due excessive temperature rise within its enclosure which could lead into circuit overloads since higher voltage produces more current flow through wires causing them break down faster than usual. It’s also wise not place any item right in front to an vents as this will obstruct their airflow preventing proper cooling system functioning resulting hot spots forming on surfaces.

4. Avoid overloading electrical powerboards & circuits

There’s no problem with using a power board if you do it right. But plugging in too many appliances can exceed the maximum amperage of your circuit and result in an overload, damage to these plugs from excess wattage being applied while they’re plugged into live voltage without protection or fire hazard created because there was not enough capacity for all those devices! To solve this issue simply get licensed electricians who specialize on installing new circuits where needed – They know what will work best given specific circumstances.

5. Keep children away from electrical equipment

Some parents who work from home may find themselves surrounded by their children for most of the day. We all know it’s impossible to monitor them 24/7 while you’re trying your best at getting some work done, so make sure there are no dangling cords and keep power boards out in reach where they can’t get access too!