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DSS electrical is committed to providing the Gold Coast and wide South East Queensland with a complete electrical service. This means having the right team with the appropriate training and experience, so we can cover all aspects of electrical. We cover arrange of different sectors and types of electrical sub categories such as data, solar and battery, as well as air conditioning. 

Read more about what our services include below, if you can’t find what you are looking for get in touch and we will be able to help.

  • Electrical Make Safes
    If you have damage to you home or business that has compromise your electrical components and wiring get us out to do a make safe. Please stay away from damaged electrical components and wiring, please leave it to a qualified electrician to deal with. We can come out during storm events to prevent further damage to your property and ensure your safety. Our team has worked through some of South East Queensland’s most severe disasters, thus we are here to navigate you through your insurance claim from start to finish. DSS electrical and our established team of electricians have been the preferred electrical contractors for many large insurance building companies for over a decade.
  • Electrical Rectifications
    Come to use for all your insurance electrical rectifications, our master electricians can support you through your insurance claim and get your electric circuits and appliances back-up and running fast, whilst working in with your insurance builder to ensure your claim runs smoothly and you are always kept in the loop.
  • Electrical Contractors For Insurance Builders
    We have supported some of South East Queensland’s biggest insurance builders for over a decade so if you require reliable electricians on a consistent basis get in contact with our team. We can help you with all things electrician including replacement of damaged electrical appliances. If you are an insurance builder book in a meeting with us today to discuss our services further.
  • Electrical Assessments
    If you need an experience electrician to come out and assess insurance related damages, then talk to us today. We can assess damage caused to electrical circuits, solar systems, and appliances so you can know how to proceed with your insurance claim.
  • Electrical Reports & Audits
    Need a comprehensive electrical report or audit to supply to your insurance company? Then let’s talk, our team has checklist digital forms so every report or audit is comprehensive and provides your insurance company the information they need to process your claim.
  • Solar System Installation
    Are you looking at going solar? Whether you are looking to transition to a cleaner energy source or looking to save on your power bills we can help you get the right system for you. Our clean energy council accredited electricians can also clearly explain how government rebates apply to your home or business so you can be confident you are making the right choice.
  • Battery Storage Installation
    Get the most value from your solar panels and talk to us about installing a battery storage system. With a battery storage system you can store your power and use it when required. This can be an excellent way to save even more money and slash your power bills.
  • Solar System Service
    Do you know if your solar system is functioning at optimum capacity? Regular servicing of your solar system is recommended by most distributors and retailers. Our clean energy council accredited electrician can service your solar system to the highest standard so that you can rest assured that your system is functioning at peak performance.
  • Solar System Repairs, Insurance Claims & Warranty
    Doesn’t matter where you have originally purchased your solar system from our team can assist you with repairs, insurance claims and warranty. If your solar system is damaged we can help you get it back-up and running ASAP. Talk our team today if you need help with your insurance claim or warranty!
  • Solar System Monitoring & Maintenance
    It is always a good idea to monitor your solar system to detect performance drops or issues. Monitoring systems can detect damage to your panels, power surges, problems with your circuit breakers, as well as faults to your inverter. Don’t wait for a nasty surprise on your next power bill instead talk to us today to find out how we can monitor, cleaning and maintenance of your solar system so that you’re getting the best return on your investment.
  • Split System & Ducted Air Conditioning Installation
    Are you ready for the Australian summer? No matter what type of air conditioning system you are in the market for our ArcTick certified electricians can help. We will assess your household or business to advise you to which air conditioning system will best meet your needs.
  • Air Conditioning Cleaning & Servicing
    Our ArcTick accredited electricians can clean and/or service your air conditioning system at an affordable rate. We always recommend getting your air conditioning system looked cleaned at least once a year to prevent breakdowns which may cost you more down the track.
  • Emergency Electrical
    Need an experienced electrician fast for emergency electrical repairs? We have you covered, contact us if you need a rapid responding electrician. We have worked around the clock during some of South East Queensland’s most server disasters supporting our community, so we have the experience when come to emergency electrical works.               
  • Switchboard Upgrades & Repairs
    Are you experiencing disrupted power supply? Get one of our electricians to assess your switchboard to ensure everything is operational and your home is safe. Please don’t wait for the worst to happen, get an expert electrician to upgrade or repair your switchboard today!
  • Surge Protection
    Although power surges are impossible to predict, you can help protect your appliance and wiring against them. Our electricians can attend and install surge protection to meet your needs so call us today!
  • Mains Power Capacity Upgrade
    Get one of our electricians our to assess your household power requirements to ensure you have ample power to run all your electronics and appliances. We can give you a mains power capacity upgrade if needed so you can rest assured you are meeting your power requirements.
  • Installation of Power Points & Light Switches
    Get us out to install your internal or external power points or light switches at your home or business. 
  • Internal Lighting
    Are you looking to brighten up you home or business with some modern lighting? Our expert electricians can provide you with lighting advice so you get the right lighting placement & fittings.
  • Security & Safety
    These types of light turn on when they sense movement, which can be a excellent way to ward off intruders or help you navigate dark areas that don’t require constant lighting. Contact us to find the right solution for you.
  • External Lighting
    Are you looking to show off the external features of your home or business? If so give a call or email to help with finding the right external lights and placement for best effect.
  • Smoke Alarm Installations & Compliance
    If fire breaks out interconnected smoke alarms could be a life saver. Don’t leave anything to chance contact us today to ensure your house or business has functioning interconnected smoke alarms.
  • Ceiling & Exhaust Fan Installations
    Our electricians can help you with supply and installation of ceiling and exhaust fans. Talk to us today to find the right option for you.
  • Home Entertainment
    You have come to the right place all your television and smart media system solutions. Get expert advice for your home entertainment upgrade, let us help you revamp your home media through our working relationship with some of Australia’s most trusted names in home entertainment.

  • Smoke Alarm Installations & Property Compliance
    Have piece of mind knowing that your investment properties are meeting Queensland legislation and are electrically safe and sound. Call us today for a free consultation with one of our master electricians
  • Appliance Removal & Installation
    Have your tenants accidentally or maliciously damaged an electrical appliance or fitting? We can remove and replace the damaged item hassle free. Send us the job details and tenant contact details and we can handle the rest!
  • CCTV Surveillance
    Protect your assets and deter intruders by installing CCTV surveillance cameras on your property. We can give you advice and get the right system to suit your needs.
  • Data
    Need a data electrician for your home or business offices? Get in contact today, our data electricians will be able to help!

Trust DSS For All Your Electrical Needs

It’s a pleasure providing our expert electrical service to our local South East Queensland & supporting our community through electrical awareness. Please read our blog to find out how you can keep safe from electrical hazards in your home or business.

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